Thursday, 24 October 2013

Do you believe in faeries?

It begins with faeries.

I watch you shut your book
with a satisfying thud
and shout:
"I believe in faeries"

And I see God's smile
shimmer through the stardust

As the morning stars
sing together
and all the angels shout
for joy

You hug to yourself
a child-like certainty
that now, this very minute
another faery has been saved

Never lose
that sense of wonder

For you
everything is a miracle
there is nothing seen
or unseen
that you cannot believe

Faeries are like angels
invisible friends who
sparkle in the sunlight
dance and twirl like leaves

Little puffs of wind
playing in your hair
"Here I am, isn't life grand?"

They watch you play hopscotch
on the pavement
soothe ointment on your knees

Slowly release their breath
when you climb the tallest trees
nestle there
reach out to the clouds
And dream ...

A host of feathered angels
trill their secret messages
hop from branch to branch
watch over you
as you place one foot
carefully after another
and descend

Some angels
pile up freshly made scones
smothered in jam and cream
on your favourite plate
and watch you eat
so much in love with you

They read you endless stories
over and over
for they know you love to
feed your imagination
and can never get enough

when you least expect it
a furry angel jumps on to your lap
kneads you up and down
dribbles and purrs!

And did you know ...

A guardian angel
listens to your prayers at night
sends them heavenward
with a sprinkling of faery dust

Where God catches them
and smiles

While His angels shout for joy
and the night sky, shivers with delight.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2013


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Search-light to my Soul

My words are a search-light
to my Soul
speaking my truth.

Sometimes they glow and shine
shaped by thoughts from others
long ago
yet deeply mine.

Some days my words glisten softly
like pale moonlight or distant stars
A silvery fish, darting out of shadows
dapples of half-light, reflecting
off its scales
flashes of truth from memory's past.

Some days my words burn bright
I cover my eyes in pain;
there is nowhere to hide.
I take another peek - aha!
Nothing to fear
Just light.

Some days the words won't come.
I shake my torch, bang it on the ground
So frustrated,
so disappointed.

Useless, empty thoughts
expose old wounds
that I'm not good enough
A lonely void haunts me
deep within

So then I seek Your Word
Your truth, your wisdom.
Love fills my heart
Rekindles that radiant spark
that threatens to glow cold.

And then I remember.
You have given me all I need
Gifted me
my salvation
All I must do, is believe.

"Faith need be only the size
of a mustard seed."

For you Father, are always here
holding my trembling hand.
As we switch on the light together
And reveal such beauty there.

Amanda Edwards (c) 2013