Thursday, 28 February 2013

What would you really do ... if money didn't matter?

This wonderful video clip came to my attention today through a blog site by Mercedes Kirkel. You can find her at It inspires you to imagine what life could be like if you were true to yourself, and did what you really wanted to do - if money didn't matter. I have written a poem, to go with it, below. Thanks Mercedes.

What do you desire.

If money didn’t matter
just think what you could be
perhaps a poet or a writer
spinning tales of make believe

An artist or a painter
sketching magic on the page
splashing colour all about you
brushstrokes on God's stage
An explorer or adventurer
seeking out an untamed world
discovering gifts in Nature
as your map becomes unfurled

Perhaps you’d be a postie
of a calm and peaceful mind
bringing joy and love to people

from letters crafted over time
If money didn’t matter
you could live authentically
making choices for yourself
that let your spirit free.

Amanda Edwards (c) 2013


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Interesting blog sites

When I began my blog it was a chance for me to express my ideas and thoughts on my journey into self ... a spiritual journey, which I have tried to convey in my own poetry; sometimes using the words of others, to clarify my own thinking and grow in awareness. I have also joined Linkedin; a professional network that connects a myriad of different people, from all walks in life, who all have something special to share with each other. Linkedin has brought my attention to a number of wonderful blogs; special people sharing their vision for the world; with knowledge, wisdom and insight from their own experiences in life and spiritual pathways.

One such blog is from Wendy McCance who has offered to share her experience with blogging, with those of us just starting out, by critiquing our sites. I thank you very much Wendy and look forward to your comments.

Wendy's own link can be found below. I recommend her blogsite for the wisdom she offers in finding the 'extraordinary' in the 'ordinary things in life' that we all share in common - in our own up and down quest for 'happiness'.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Just an illusion ...

I wrote this poem after watching my husband and children gathering rocks from Lake Hawea, in Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand. They believed they had found tiny specks of gold - and certainly, the glittering veins did look a little like gold. But many a gold digger has had false hopes - and found nothing but Fool's Gold. I teased them and said they were chasing nothing but a dream ... but why spoil the illusion ... feed the imagination and hold onto your dreams ...

Fools’ Gold

That’s nothing but fools’ gold
Huh! - such nonsense
A glittering shine, an illusion
Don’t waste your time!

Only fools base their dreams
on fleeting veins of gold
chase rainbows in the sky
wishing they could fly.

Oh, Child, do not cry,
I believed once upon a time
‘Til the erosion of my heart
stripped the spirit from my soul.

You are no fool, Child
All things for you are miracles
Show me again.
Awaken these tired old eyes
so I too can see once more.

Precious moments to reconnect

Man and Wife.

We lay together beneath the willow tree
Relaxed, peaceful, happy just to be.
We listen to the shrieks of windsurfers
Laughing, learning, joyous to be free.

The sun attempts to penetrate
the leafy branches of the willow
Shadows play upon your face,
Your chest a restful pillow.

We close our eyes; the gentle breeze
embraces us, encircles us, connects us
In one magic moment, all is forgiven,
Total acceptance, love, no need to fuss.

I feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest
And slow my heart beat to keep in time
Smile when you softly snore, dream on
and on; with tranquil, unfettered mind.

All too soon, we must awake, return
To the chaos, noise, reality of family life
But just for now, our souls remember,
Why long ago, we became, man and wife.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Come and get me

sometimes I wish
you would just come and get me
stop all this mucking about
just come and get me
give me a hug and let your love
flow through me
no need to say a word
just come and get me

instead of struggling upstream
I could flow with you, through you
noticing the little things drift by
we could spread our wings
soar above the clouds
walk upon a rainbow
let our tears fall softly

my soul could be at peace
laughing, dancing, singing
at the pure joy of being
looking down at earth
thinking; what mischief
it could get up to there

safe in the knowing

just come and get me
even if for just a little while
ease the burden of longing
the yearning deep inside me
I love you so much
will you come and get me

Friday, 8 February 2013

Let your inner child ... free!

If I were you and you were me
Would you feel so young and free?
But - you are me and I am you!
So why the look so sad and blue?

I know that you’re inside of me,
The part that feels, oh, so care-free,
But have I put some chains on you,
By limiting what you say and do?

Well when I yearn to shout and cry
You caution me and say – not, why
But - ask me not to make a scene,
Stem the flow of tears mid-stream.

And when I want to spread my wings
You tell me, “Think of possible things,”
Keep your feet upon the ground,
Nothing good is to be found …

Flying in and out of clouds.
In adult life, it aint allowed!
No time to notice marvellous things,
Or feel the joy that freedom brings.

If I were you and you were me
I would try to make you see ...
How you must let yourself be free
That’s what a grown up’s meant to Be!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mirror talk

Artist: Beth Hackett

Mirror Talk

One day I awoke,
And said, “Enough,
Time to be me.”
I stretched, yawned,
Smiled at myself
 in the mirror.
Said “Hello.
Lovely to meet You.”
The mirror smiled back,
So pleased to see Me.
“I thought I’d lost you!”
“Heck no!” I said.
“Just got a bit confused.
But now - here I am.
And I love what I see.”

Mandy Edwards (c) 2013