Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF - this is simply beautiful. Enjoy.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn trees

shed leaves like half-forgotten

shaking off the past
to reveal their naked truth

in wintry silence wait to be reborn

We toss those piebald leaves
in wild abandonment

delight in scrunching them between our toes

It must feel nice to be an autumn tree
flinging off its clothes and shouting … look at me!


 Mandy Gayle Edwards 2013 (c)

Spring hath long passed on

summer but a sigh
autumn leaves compost
sheets of rain fall
somewhere it is snowing

Winter is nigh.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


You stand there, watching me.
A startled bird, poised for flight.
I hold out my hand.
You take a few steps forward,
then back.
So unsure of me.
I kneel to you, hold out my arms.

You look for your mother
want to hide behind her skirts
suck furiously on your thumb
Your brow is furrowed.
Where has she gone?
Why did she leave me?

Your eyes pool with tears,
You tremble; fear wells up
deep within you.

so young, too young
to feel the loneliness
of separation.
Shyness cripples you.
You long to play out your stories
Delight a captive audience
Yet the moment you have
the spotlight,
You barricade yourself in
walls of silence.

Do not be afraid,
I am here for you.

It's time to shine.
Come, take my hand,
Let's do this together
Just you and me.

Anything is possible,
let's use our imagination,
give wings to our dreams.
Life can be a Fairy tale,
Full of story book Magic,
If we believe it to be true.
Together - You and Me.

Mandy Gayle Edwards 2013 (c)


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ode to the Exclamation Mark! (for all my proof reading friends)

Oh what joy, oh what a lark
To ponder the exclamation mark!
I'm told it is a dying art
to use the exclamation mark

In modern 'proof' it is not needed
But I'm afraid I've often pleaded
Why oh why must I delete it?
For it will leave me uncompleted
It serves a very worthy purpose
When pain and anguish are in surplus
Or for the element of surprise
Praps when your protagonist dies ...ahhh!!!!

In this modern age of texting
The exclamation needs some flexing
How else you get my voice and tone
Unless you answer your damn phone!

How can I write hip hip hooray!
Without the mark to join the fray?

I know the way we choose our words
Should speak our volumes

but how absurd

When just a stroke and little dot
Gives emphasis to mark that spot

So let me hear no more of this
Insisting it's just amateurish ...
 If this poet should have her way -

The exclamation mark, is here, to stay!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

To my friends at SKE - Share Knowledge and Experience - A Virtual Royal Tea/Coffee break

There is a group on SKE
Who simply love to Be
They welcome everyone
With a virtual royal cup of tea.

The only thing you need
Is to think creatively
Have a sense of humour
And share philosophy.

There is no single problem
In the world that I can see
That can’t be solved in SKE
With a virtual royal cup of tea.

(or coffee!)