Saturday, 11 May 2013

A poem for Mother's Day


A mother’s gift.

You treat me like the miracle
I am

the door to your heart
is always open

your love never fails
to shine through

The moment I was born
you transfixed me

I studied your face
with earnest devotion
as you did mine
I looked into your eyes
and saw my reflection
mirrored in your Soul

I demanded so much from you
expected you would grant my
every wish
And this you did for me
without question

You gave up your identity
for me
Set aside your dreams
so I could dream

Dedicated yourself to me
so I could be free
you taught me life-long values
to say please and thank-you
respect my elders

strive to be the best me
I could possibly be

Of course as I grew older
I knew better than you
Or so I thought
but now
now that I’m a Mum
I understand your infinite wisdom
to let your children know

no matter what they do
or what they say
or what they believe

you will love them

that's the gift you gave to me

Mandy Gayle Edwards 2013 (c)

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