Sunday, 21 July 2013

Return to Dead Man's Ridge ...

Watch out for 'Return to Dead Man's Ridge.' The first two chapters are complete! :) This one will not take so long to write, hopefully, so be quick, and download Mystery at Dead Man's Ridge, on your child's tablet or kindle, or PC ... otherwise it will be 'old news!' You can buy it from Amazon at a mere $US3.99. Why wait any longer? :)


Dear Tom.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kind of miss the farm! I know you’re always going on (and on) about me being a ‘city girl’ and all, but I have to admit, life in town sucks after the mystery of Dead Man’s Ridge! I mean, how many city girls do you know, get caught up in sheep rustling and cannabis growing? My friends back here just don’t believe me!

Seriously, I hope you’re taking good care of Rascal and Billy for me. I so miss them but I guess our apartment would be a little crowded with a dog and a lamb! Mum’s doing much better. They think they’ve got all the cancer and so far there’s no sign of it coming back. Thank God. I was so scared. So was Mum I think, but she’s not admitting it. Anyhow, she says I can come back next summer; I can’t wait. She’s going to come too, I think. ‘Time to heal old wounds’, she says. I guess she means about Dad. He’s been emailing me heaps and I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

Write back if you can be bothered, little cuz, or maybe send me an e-mail ... you know, modern technology and all that. Hope you haven’t been doing any brown eyes lately! Could be a little cold riding your bike to school in the winter!

See ya. Hugs to Aunty Liz and Uncle Ted.

Love Maggie. PS, have ya seen Luke around at all?

Mystery at Dead Man's Ridge
When city girl meets country boy, there is huge potential for trouble! Maggie Mackenzie is forced to spend her Christmas holidays on a farm, in the ‘middle of nowhere’, with some relatives she has 


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