Thursday, 5 June 2014

The joy of child care

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You rush at me this morn with open arms.
I gladly scoop you up and hold you close,
breathe in the heady scent of talc and soap,
a hint of milk and jam and buttered toast.

Your lips begin to tremble; Mum departs.
Another friend arrives, I crouch down low,
transform into a tiger's snarling jaws,
and watch your face. A smile begins to grow.

You stumble on the mat upon the floor, and
tears spill quickly from your full moon eyes.
Such trifling troubles yet for one so brave;
a magic kiss brings sunny cloudless skies.

You look upon the world with simple joy.
There's no pretence; nothing you must hide.
Another day of freedom to explore,
to seek, to find, to know, to be a child.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2014.

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