Friday, 3 November 2017

Sea Goddess

Sand disapears in rivulets
Beneath her sun-drenched legs,
As she exhales, inhales, exhales,
Deep in meditation.

She digs her toes into the ocean floor
And slowly moves her hips. Circles
Rhythmically as if orbiting the sun;
Dips into her purse with salty fingers.

An intake of breath. She moves again.
Her pulse quickening as the rising tide
Fingers her hidden crevices, hissing
And spitting like molten lava.

One last thrust of the hips, she dissolves
In a frenzy of frothing surf.
Hears nothing but her heartbeat.
Her body sated. Her mind at peace.

Startled by her aloneness,
She curls into the empty shell of herself.
And listens.
Listens to the ocean whispering her name.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2017


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