Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A poem to share

This is my very first  post!  I love the idea of an on line journal where I can share the things I write with like minded people.  I am a graduate of the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies, where I completed a Course in Writing for Children, with Janice Marriott as my tutor.  As a result of this, I have rekindled my desire to write and express myself in the best way I can. As a member of the Student Discussion Board, with NZIBS I am in touch daily with friends who love to write, edit, proofread, take photographs, and some who are learning to be journalists, life coaches and be successful in business.  It is a wonderful community to be part of.  I have also joined LinkedIn and have met many interesting people who also love to share their thoughts and dreams for themselves and the world.  It has been amazing to make connections so quickly and I can feel the difference in myself already ... more self confidence, a desire to make a difference, somehow... and an expansion of my heart and soul to include so many other people in my life.

I have been experiementing with poetry over the last few weeks, trying to express how I feel about things, and trying to make a 'connection' with others, who have experienced similar feelings in their own lives.  As I share stuff, I realise just how interconnected we all are, with a whole raft of emotions, experiences and understandings about life that we can all relate to. Sharing my writing has also brought a wealth of feedback; positive and affirming, constructive criticism that has made me look carefully at what I have written and how it could be 'improved.'  Writing is such a joyful experience ... and as I write more, I become much more in tune with my Self ... working out who I am and what my purpose in life is.  A work in progress!

Here is a poem that caused a bit of a stirr recently.  A poem I wrote in response to a friend who told us about her 'retreats' - where each session begins with the participants looking deeply into the eyes of another person for 15 minutes or so .... silently.  It brings tears and emotions and helps you look right into the soul of another ... and your own. (Not that I have tried it!) This idea inspired me to write the following - with a little help from my friends in the editing process.


Look into my eyes
what do you see?
a reflection of you
inside of me

Look at me closely
let the tears flow
feel the compassion
the emotions below

Dive in a bit further
look into my soul
feel the connection
for this is your goal

Look to the child
who lives in your heart
reassure her again
that you'll never part

Find your own courage
believe in your Self
you have the answers
but if you need help –

Gaze into my eyes
hold on to my hand
build up your strength
until you understand

We are connected
you're never alone
trust in your power
fear not the unknown.
It is definitely my 'time to write.'  I hope you will enjoy my blogs and you are welcome to join me in my writing and spiritual journey ... lots of wonderful, magical discoveries ahead.
Aroha nui


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    1. Thanks Niki. I believe you may have had a hand in that! Thanks for all your advice!!

  2. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
    Welcome to the blogosphere.

    1. Fabulous Phil went up the hill,
      To fetch a pail of water,
      When he came down, with narry a frown,
      He said, "Just do what you oughta."

      (in a very Phil-like encouraging way!)

      Thanks for the lovely welcome