Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A tragic loss


Nature's Fury

A leap of faith
results in tragedy

life cruelly taken
by the mighty Waikato
a river harnessed by man
its latent power unleashed
when the flood gates open

nature's fury
undercurrents, whirl pools, a swift
life-giving, life-taking force

the taniwha holds its breath

golden youth
invincible yet so vulnerable
throwing dice
         playinng with life
                       this time he lost

Let your spirit flow free
you are tangata whenua
connected to Papatuanuku
mother earth

her mountains, her lakes, her rivers

in her loving embrace once more
perhaps waiting to be reborn

know that you will
be always remembered
with great love

Aroha nui
             God bless.

Amanda Edwards (c) 2013


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