Friday, 30 August 2013

the Monarch

You rest upon my hand
a monarch butterfly
gently flexing your wings
such fragile beauty
perfectly designed

You listen, watch, wait
for that precise moment
a gentle zephyr
a sun warmed kiss
a call from the Universe

I scarcely breathe
my eyes fixed upon you

longing to keep you forever
so delicate, so precious
love catches in my throat

but you are not mine
and never were

In this brief time together
we taught each other
beauty and truth

I must let you go
that one day
you will return

yet while you still remain
the merest touch upon my skin
you have my whole attention

I dare not breathe or blink an eye
lest you disappear

and I realise with great sorrow

that I missed my chance
to say  - goodbye.

Amanda Edwards (c) 2013

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