Friday, 2 August 2013

Let the genie free.

In my secret forest
at the bottom of my garden
I discovered a shell

It was empty
Yet when I held it
to my ear
It was full of life

The swirling ocean
rushing, roaring, crashing

to the shore

The shriek of a gull
soaring, gliding, searching

with watchful greedy eye
The whistling of the wind
whipping up the sand
salty grittiness stinging my eyes

Oh no!
I quickly dropped the shell
and all was calm again
I licked the salty tear
dislodged by the sands
of my imagination

Rubbed my red rimmed eyes
which dared to believe
I had swam in the ocean

held my face up to the breeze
swung my arms and danced
along the beach

rejoicing in my freedom

In my secret forest
at the bottom of my garden
a shell lay silent

a gift from the sea
longing for me

to pick it up once more
and let the genie free.

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