Friday, 13 September 2013

Let's magic the pain away

A wild eyed pony snuffles at the fence;
seks the half bitten carrot, held out
on a brave yet hesitant palm,
fingers curled around the offering....

A thud, a squeal of pain.

The child has fallen,
picks himself up with all the courage
of a little warrior,
huge accusing eyes examine the spot.

Tears glint on sunlit cheeks,
droplets of blood ooze from a graze
that reddens upon a once perfect canvas.
He holds up his arm for his mother to see.

She kisses the top of his curly head,
breathes her love into the soft peach of his skin,
‘tut tuts’ her sorrow, makes a great show
of examining the wound, declares her verdict.

"It needs a little magic,
shall we kiss the pain away?"

A little nod, a half smile.
She wipes away his tears with gentle fingers,
bends over the wound, kisses it tenderly,
one last embrace.

The sparkle returns to his dancing eyes;
all pain forgotten.
He picks up a stick, bashes it gleefully
upon the fence.

The pony throws up his head,
snorts in fear,
skitters to the end of the paddock.

The boy is cautioned
and a fleeting cloud threatens the sunshine
of his face.

A moment's indignant thought.

He places the stick beneath his gumboot;
stomps it into smaller and smaller pieces,
then smiles with joyous satisfaction.

Amanda Edwards © 2013

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