Sunday, 1 September 2013

What do you do ... when you can't find inspiration?



what do you do
when your muse refuses
to cooperate

slinks into a corner and sulks

or sneers at you … “you suck”
hollows out your insides
and leaves you in despair?

what do you do
to escape the loneliness
of an empty page

staring at the same lines

over and over
until they disappear
in a mist of tears?
what do you do
when you lose self-belief
think you are not good enough

never were … never will be

and wonder how you ever
dared to dream?

perhaps you take a walk
find a peaceful place
to simply be – and reflect

thank God for creating you

a brush stroke on his canvas
a composition for his song

loving you for being perfect
just the way you are …

yesterday, today and tomorrow.

perhaps then you can smile
through your tears of shame
rekindle the fire in your soul

And understand …
your muse never leaves you
He just waits patiently

For you to believe in yourself
to Be ... Have ... Do!

 mandy edwards © 2013

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