Saturday, 19 January 2013

A song about rainbows

We have had a number of storms since living in Tarras, Otago. Surprisingly it has rained a lot in this hot, dry part of New Zealand. It feels a bit like 'paradise' here; so many glorious mountains and lakes and rivers. I felt sure I only had to look up after some rain, and I would see a rainbow to assure me that this indeed was as close to 'heaven' as you could get!  Sadly, I haven't seen one yet, so I decided to paint my own rainbow in the sky.

 (Photo by Wendy James)
Painting rainbows.

 I long to paint a rainbow in the sky
A bridge to glory, perhaps a pot of gold
Release the arrow from the archer’s bow
Let the beauty of my truth unfold.

Walk upon my rainbow
Let it set you free
I gift to you the rainbow
That lives inside of me.

Thread coloured ribbon through your hair
Wear rainbow coloured clothing
Let the whole world stare
Celebrate your beauty. Do not fear.

Walk upon my rainbow
Let it set you free
Gift it to the Universe
The love that lives in me.

 Paint a coloured rainbow in the sky
A bridge to glory; your own pot of gold
Release the arrow from the Archer’s bow
And let the beauty of your truth unfold.

Walk upon God's rainbow
Hand in hand with me
Connect up all our rainbows
And let love set us free.


  1. Thank you so much for gifting away the rainbow that lives inside of you... what a captivating poem... standing and flowing gently like a river, telling me I need not fear anything, not even fear... it's a splendid poem indeed!!!

  2. Dear Innocent. I seem to be writing just for you! I am so pleased you are enjoying my poems.