Thursday, 24 January 2013

Reflections on the river bank

How lovely it would be
If somehow you and me
Connected with each other
In perfect harmony.

Our thoughts would synchronise
Without a word being said
Silence would be welcome
Our hearts would speak instead.

We would accept each other
Try not to change a thing
Happy just to be ourselves
To love, to laugh, to sing.

We'd give each other freedom
To follow our own dreams
Provide support and wisdom
Lest we unravel at the seams

Celebrate each moment
Find joy in every thing
There'd be no need for fear
In the happiness life brings.

How lovely it would be
If somehow you and me
Could share our world together
In perfect harmony.


  1. o! How lovely it would be/ If for eternity, the chain that connects us remain unbroken/ O! How gracefully lovely that would be...

    It's a beautiful one with a theme (connectedness) that is confirmed by the laws of nature and common sense experience...

    We shall remain connected with ourselves, others, nature and God. Yes, we shall. That will make us meritoriously happy...

  2. Lovely thoughts Innocent ... and always great to hear from you.