Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Interesting blog sites

When I began my blog it was a chance for me to express my ideas and thoughts on my journey into self ... a spiritual journey, which I have tried to convey in my own poetry; sometimes using the words of others, to clarify my own thinking and grow in awareness. I have also joined Linkedin; a professional network that connects a myriad of different people, from all walks in life, who all have something special to share with each other. Linkedin has brought my attention to a number of wonderful blogs; special people sharing their vision for the world; with knowledge, wisdom and insight from their own experiences in life and spiritual pathways.

One such blog is from Wendy McCance who has offered to share her experience with blogging, with those of us just starting out, by critiquing our sites. I thank you very much Wendy and look forward to your comments.

Wendy's own link can be found below. I recommend her blogsite for the wisdom she offers in finding the 'extraordinary' in the 'ordinary things in life' that we all share in common - in our own up and down quest for 'happiness'.



  1. Hi Amanda, thanks so very much. Your post really touched my heart. :)

  2. I looked over your blog, and I love what you put together. Your blog loads quickly and all of the buttons work well. I love the theme. It feels really peaceful. Your writing is great and I love that you have sharing buttons below. Your have the comment box in an easy place to leave a message. My favorite part of your blog is that when you read your profile, it goes to google. That's a smart way to get a following. People are going to feel more personally connected which is so important. My only suggestion would be to put the "about me" section above the archives. People will scroll down and see the archives, but it adds a nice touch when you see what the person is like right off the bat. :)

    1. Thanks Wendy for your lovely comments and suggestions. It is a good idea to put the About Me above the archives ... so far I have just gone with what was already in place ... noit sure how to personalise it a bit more. I guess I shall just have to play around a bit and see what happens. Many thanks.