Thursday, 28 February 2013

What would you really do ... if money didn't matter?

This wonderful video clip came to my attention today through a blog site by Mercedes Kirkel. You can find her at It inspires you to imagine what life could be like if you were true to yourself, and did what you really wanted to do - if money didn't matter. I have written a poem, to go with it, below. Thanks Mercedes.

What do you desire.

If money didn’t matter
just think what you could be
perhaps a poet or a writer
spinning tales of make believe

An artist or a painter
sketching magic on the page
splashing colour all about you
brushstrokes on God's stage
An explorer or adventurer
seeking out an untamed world
discovering gifts in Nature
as your map becomes unfurled

Perhaps you’d be a postie
of a calm and peaceful mind
bringing joy and love to people

from letters crafted over time
If money didn’t matter
you could live authentically
making choices for yourself
that let your spirit free.

Amanda Edwards (c) 2013


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