Sunday, 24 February 2013

Just an illusion ...

I wrote this poem after watching my husband and children gathering rocks from Lake Hawea, in Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand. They believed they had found tiny specks of gold - and certainly, the glittering veins did look a little like gold. But many a gold digger has had false hopes - and found nothing but Fool's Gold. I teased them and said they were chasing nothing but a dream ... but why spoil the illusion ... feed the imagination and hold onto your dreams ...

Fools’ Gold

That’s nothing but fools’ gold
Huh! - such nonsense
A glittering shine, an illusion
Don’t waste your time!

Only fools base their dreams
on fleeting veins of gold
chase rainbows in the sky
wishing they could fly.

Oh, Child, do not cry,
I believed once upon a time
‘Til the erosion of my heart
stripped the spirit from my soul.

You are no fool, Child
All things for you are miracles
Show me again.
Awaken these tired old eyes
so I too can see once more.