Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Letting go of the Past

One of the hardest things to do it seems, is to let go of the Past, and just live for the Present. We spend so much precious time worrying about the future or feeling guilty about what is already done and dusted in our lives. What if we could just tear up the Past into little pieces, and scatter it to the winds. Just make sure the wind is in the right direction - you don't want it blowing back into your face! Perhaps it's best to simply burn it - no coming back that way! Or hang it on the washing line in a gale force wind and watch it fly!

Today’s the day, “Hooray, hooray”
I threw my Past far, far away.

I watched it blow this way and that,
Its day was done, no looking back.
How marvellous now it is to feel,
Light and free and full of zeal.

There’s nothing now I cannot do,
My burden’s gone – off it flew!
No more sorrow, doubt, or fear,
Nor all that guilt I once held 'dear.'

I emptied all my darkness out,
It tried to fight, it tried to shout,
My shadows got a hellish fright!
I filled the space with healing light.
When I'm tired and feeling low,
It might come back to say hello.
Perhaps I'll make a cup of tea,
Then say, 'Away - don't bother me.'

I do not wish to have you back,
For never do you cut me slack.
You have no love or care for me,
Be gone with you, let me be free.
Today's the day, "Hooray, Hooray"
I finally threw my Past away!

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