Saturday, 16 March 2013

What is Truth?

(thank you to Das Menon for this beautiful image)

Truth is like a braided river
Springs from one life source
High in the mountains, swift
and forceful, cutting deep
into the bank, exposing
darkness to the light.
Polishing rough edges
Until round and smooth.

It diverges like tree roots
across the valley floor,
depositing thoughts, beliefs
like grains of sand - to
filter through your mind
or slip between your
fingers; noticed, yet not

Will you hold onto your
Truth with clenched fist
or let it flow freely,
to transform into other truths
until the water runs clear.

Can you trust, your Self -
to swim alone, mingling
from time to time, with
Other Souls, other Truths
converging, diverging,
making indivdual choices -
before meeting at the Ocean
Becoming One ... with God?

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