Saturday, 16 March 2013

Questions for 'God'

There is a marvellous group on Linkedin called SKE, or Sharing Knowledge and Experience, where people from all walks of life, discuss issues that are important to them. One of these, started by Catherine Puglisi, asks, "If you could ask a question of God, what would it be?" This has started an avalanche of discussion, as you can imagine! My ultimate question for God, or the Universe, would be: What is my purpose in life, and how can I be of best use to help other people; and share my love.

(The Meaning of Life - thank you, to Wendy James; "Inspired Living Community")

I am hoping, that by sharing my poetry, and therefore, my journey into self, trying to make 'sense' of how I feel and what I believe, I am serving my purpose and making some kind of 'difference.'  One of the questions that crops up a lot, is, why is it necessary for all the suffering in the world? Why let it happen? A really difficult question, especially for those people who have had a lot of hurdles in life to overcome. I can only think, that with suffering, comes greater strength of character and belief in oneself. If life rolled along rosily, we would not have the ability to overcome adversity that can happen, out of the blue. And with that inner strength, we have a great foundation for faith and acceptance of what is yet to come in life, and 'after life.'

I wrote this poem, this morning, after participating in this discussion. I think it is asking how to have faith and belief, when you cannot 'see' God, or this invisible cord that connects us all; only 'feel' the presence of unconditional love. How do we hold on to that feeling, when things go wrong in our lives.

Forever, together.

If we were together,
would you let me
lay my head upon
your chest, and listen
to your heart beat,

Would you brush
away my tears
and help me piece
together the tiny
fragments of my
dreams, to help
allay my fears?

If we were together,
Forever, would you
keep me filled, to
overflowing with your
love, so that my life
was never wasted, on
loneliness or despair?

And if we cannot
be together, Ever
On this earth of ours
Could you show me
how to keep you
close to my heart,
so I can feel you
there beside me.